Version 24.9.0

samedi-app contains a small tool which you can use to trigger all actions which you can also start using GDT/VDDS interfaces. You could for example create a button or menu entry in your AIS or HIS which launches samedi-app and starts the appointment booking using the currently selected patient.

This is especially useful when your system does not support GDT or VDDS interfaces.

To start the remote-control mode, launch samedi-app with the parameter --remote-control:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\samedi-app\samedi-app.exe --remote-control --action event --pat-xref "123" --pat-first_name "Michael" --pat-last_name "Mustermann"

To view a help manual with all currently available options, you can call the --help page:

%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\samedi-app\samedi-app.exe --help remote-control